Jim Coleman, Author of Cut the Crap and Close the Gap
(Conference Attendees will receive a copy of Coleman’s book)
During the Emerge luncheon our keynote speaker, Jim Coleman, a born and raised Lexingtonian turned successful Fortune 500 senior marketing executive and entrepreneur, will share a message on the power of one. The magnitude of an individual’s impact was imparted to Jim by his great-grandfather James Coleman who purchased the land he once tilled as a slave in Fayette County on March 27, 1888. This act allowed for over 300 of James Coleman’s direct descendants to attend college. Sharing lessons from his great grandfather, grandfather, parents and principles garnered throughout his own fruitful career, Jim will talk about leaving a legacy by seizing the moment. Audience members will receive a copy of Jim’s book, Cut the Crap and Close the Gap, a reference guide for achieving desired results and prosperity for yourself and others based on the wisdom of generations of Colemans as well as Jim’s personal experience in delivering more than $10 Billion in combined sales revenue at Oscar Mayer & Co., Pepsico Inc., Altria Group Inc., American Express, and several entrepreneurial ventures.


Justin Patton, Executive Leadership Coach, facilitates this interactive session to start the Conference
Its Starts with You! How Your Mindset & Presence Impact the Organization
When you look at what holds organizations back or why leaders are often let go, it’s never a competence issue. It is a behavior issue. If organizations are going to maximize their present and future potential then they must have empowering leaders at all levels of the organization. Empowering leaders take responsibility for their energy and the downstream impact it creates. They understand the presence and mindset they show up with every day is shaping engagement, culture, and the next generation of leaders that will move the organization forward.  It Starts With You! is an interactive session that will have leaders explore the 3 core energy levels, identify how they authentically show up most often, and outline how they can strategically cultivate the type of leadership energy that will set their organization up for future success. When we fail to hold leaders accountable for how they get results, everyone suffers. Engagement is lower. Culture is diminished, and we indirectly tell employees that results are the only thing that matters. There is another way, and it starts by changing the energy.



How to Get the Most Out of the EMERGE Conference
Speaker: Lewis Diaz, Dinsmore & Shohl, and Sujyot Patel, Dinsmore & Shohl
Description: Experienced professionals Lewis Diaz and Sujyot Patel from Dinsmore & Shohl will provide you with the steps you should take before, during, and after a conference to expand your network, develop business contacts, and otherwise make the most of your experience at EMERGE and other conferences you attend.


Career Sculpting
Speaker: Karen Hill, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer, Baptist Health Lexington
Description: Everyone wants to have the job and career they love. Career sculpting is an approach to taking control of your career in a strategic way. The speaker will discuss how to realistically evaluate your interest, talents and abilities and develop a personal strategic plan to achieve your career goals. The presentation will also include some tips on finding a mentor and developing guidelines for a mentoring relationship.


Body Language: Communicate with Stronger Presence & Credibility
Justin Patton, Executive Leadership Coach
Description: Don’t let your intensity hold you back! Your body language says more about you than your actual words, and people cannot hear the intent of your message when they can’t get past how you are delivering it. The energy you show up with every day as a leader impacts your credibility and your ability to cultivate both trust and influence.  This highly interactive session will challenge leaders to take accountability for their leadership presence, teach them how to see what most people miss, leverage the four power zones on the body to communicate with authentic confidence, and flex their style to show empathy and collaboration.  Your presence matters, and the best leaders know how to use their body language to meet people where they are.  This session will get you out of your seat, make you laugh, and change the way you see yourself and others.


Make * Happen
Speaker: Devine Carama
Session Sponsored by the Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center
Description: Shattering the traditional template of leadership, Devine Carama builds models of unconventional leadership and encourages others to re-conceptualize what a community leader looks like.  This paradigm shift comes on the heels of a movement for young leaders to step up into the public eye, embracing and leading through gifts and talents of the individual.  Using examples from his own life, as well as the life of other influencers, Devine, a socially conscious hip hop & spoken word artist, community activist, and motivational speaker, will demonstrate the power of and need for creative leadership and its incredible potential for community good.  Four components of community leadership will be explored during the session: 1). Be yourself; 2). Beliefs as a foundation; 3). Be brave; and 4). Find balance.


Corporate Responsibility: How Does For-Profit Business Engage the Community and Create Social Change?
 Panel to include Ali Edelstein, Kentucky Distillers’ Association, Rob Perez, DV8 Kitchen, and Fenella Smith, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc.  Facilitated by Suzanne Bergmeister
Description: Have you ever thought about what your brand’s legacy will be and if are you living out your brand’s mission and values?  Join us for this unique panel comprised of global giant Toyota, Lexington’s First Social Enterprise Restaurant & Bakery DV8 Kitchen, and Kentucky’s trademark industry association Kentucky Distiller’s Association.  This panel, facilitated by the University of Louisville’s own graduate professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship’s Suzanne Bergmeister, will take a hard look at how business’ and entrepreneurs are using their platform to drive real social change. This session will explore to how you too can become a change agent.


Presenting Like a PRO!
Speaker: Brian Simmons, Senior Human Resources Advisor, CMI Consulting
Description: Have you ever seen that WOW presenter and thought to yourself, “I wish that I could deliver my message like that!”?  Perhaps, you know what you want to communicate but you are not sure of the most effective way to make your points memorable.  It’s time to generate more success and confidence in your professional and personal life by learning the fundamental and advanced level secrets to communicating, facilitating and presenting information like a Presenter Rated Outstanding (PRO).  This session focuses specifically on the mechanics and professional behaviors required to deliver dynamic presentations confidently and consistently.  Whether speaking to yourself or to an unnumbered crowd, the guidelines, tips and tools offered within this workshop will enable you to learn and master presentation and facilitation techniques that will leave your audiences feeling confident in your message and connected to you as a presenter.



Food Barriers: Solving Hunger Issues In Our Community and Region
Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, Stephanie Wooten, GleanKY, and Ashton Potter Wright, Bluegrass Farm to Table
Description: This panel has been designed to address the food insecurity needs of underserved populations throughout Central regions of Kentucky, as well as the entire state. Panelists have been invited to participate as a part of this discussion based on their dedication toward ending hunger through their current work or projects they have implemented to address this statewide issue. Panelists will include Stephanie Wooten with GleanKY, Ashton Potter Wright with LFUCG, and the Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles. Panelists will not only address the challenges and barriers their work faces but will also discuss how they are working to create sustainable solutions, drive impact for Kentucky, and advocate for the alleviation of hunger. Insights into new policies, innovative programming, along with best practices will be noted throughout this session as a way to build awareness and provide insight. As a nation and as a state, together we can end hunger!


Barriers to Belonging: Issues Facing YP’s of Color in Lexington
 Christian Motley, Strive Together, Jamie Rodgers, Legislative Aide to Councilmember Bledsoe, and Richard Young, CivicLex
Description: As the community faces conversation fatigue, now is the time for millennials to lead the action. This session will engage participants in an in-depth work session to expand the conversation about diversity and inclusion specifically for rising leaders.  Participants will navigate through a data walk and expand a set of solutions that guides the city’s efforts more effectively to recruit, retain and include diverse talent.


The Emergence of Shared Economies
 Panelists include Nick Such, Co-founder of Awesome Inc., film composer AJ Hochhalter, Creative Director for Harris & Ward, and Randall Stevens, owner of ArchVision. Session will be moderated by John Garen Ph.D., UK Gatton College of Business and Economics.
Description: In 2014, Shared Economy was estimated to be a $14 billion industry; it is now expected to be a $300 billion industry by 2025.  Much like the way e-commerce upended the brick and mortar retail business a decade ago, Shared Economy (or Collaborative Consumption) is changing the way we view traditional commerce. How do we define it? How will it continue to impact us? How can we engage? What does it say about how we perceive community, connectivity, and sharing? Hear Nick Such, Co-founder of Awesome Inc., an organization that creates and helps grow tech start-ups, and AJ Hochhalter, film composer, Creative Director for Harris & Ward, and Executive Producer of Neat, a bourbon documentary released last year, share insights into this new economy.