To Serve & Direct

Speaker: Angela Baldridge (The Plantory)

In this interactive session, we will learn about why nonprofit board service is important, the benefits for emerging professionals, how to find board opportunities, what to expect when serving on a board, what to look out for before joining a board, best practices for board service, and how to continue developing your board skills.


When Will You Retire?

Presenter: Steve Grossman (Hilliard Lyons)

Interviewers: Cole Schrand (CLEX), Toa Green (Crank & Boom) and Tyler White (Kentucky Coal Association)

Join emerging leaders Cole Schrand, Toa Green and Tyler White as they sit down with financial advisor Steve Grossman, Senior Vice President at Hilliard Lyons, to explore the best financial practices for planning for the future.  Steve will provide tips and best practices for looking at your situation today and taking steps to ensure a secure tomorrow.   Whether you are just starting to earn an income for the first time, you are an entrepreneur making investments in business, or you are mid-career professional interested in saving for the future, this session will provide effective money management advice so you can leave feeling empowered to take control of your finances.


Tough Talk

Moderator: Tony Bonner

Speakers: Tom Wallace (Lexington Public Library) and Andrea Gils Monzon (UK)

Some of the conversations we have to have at work and at home are downright cringeworthy.  Do you find yourself putting off or avoiding difficult subjects with your colleagues or friends?  Are you reluctant to talk to your employer about a tough situation for fear of being judged, reprimanded, or demoted?  This session is intended to prepare you for those tough talks in the workplace that can be applied to different areas of your life.  Whether it’s standing up for yourself, learning to say “no”, or communicating boundaries, our panelists will help you navigate the do’s and don’ts of how to have cringeworthy conversations.




Manager on Duty

Moderator: Maggie Mick (The Council of State Governments)

Panelists: Salvador Sanchez (COC, Magic Beans, Chocolate Holler), Elizabeth Bagby (McBrayer) and Ed Quinn (RJ Corman)

A panel of reputable and seasoned professionals with extensive management experience will share their experiences and best practices on giving and receiving feedback and criticism, communicating with colleagues from different generations including Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and give their top 5 tips for first-time managers.


The Business of Your Career

Facilitator: Allen McDaniel (Lexington Clinic Foundation)

Table leaders:

  1. Creating your career plan: Nathan Billings (Billings Law Firm)
  2. Navigating and securing the best offer: Terry Samuel (Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation) 
  3. Understanding your benefits: Bethany Denning (Lexmark)
  4. Entrepreneurship: Joe Putnam (Zimmer-Biomat, Taco Tico, Zandale Dry Cleaners and Newport Dry Cleaners)

For those questioning how to navigate the different aspects of launching your career and moving forward with your profession once you are in the working world, this session will explore four different topics that will help you manage your career and set yourself up for success.  In the rotating roundtable session, we will explore how to navigate and secure the best offer, understanding your benefits, making a long-term career plan, and how you can build out a company while still doing your day job.


 Own the Room

Workshop/training: Terri Thompson (Terri Thompson Presents)

As emerging leaders, how you communicate is directly proportional to your success.  During “Own The Room”, we will split our time between two vital areas necessary to reach your leadership potential.  First, a look at communication during business situations…from need-to-know networking skills at a cocktail function or business lunch or dinner, to how your non-verbal communication is coming across, being heard during meetings, and the charisma of conversation.  Then, on to the how-to’s of perfect public speaking.  Whether speaking in front of co-workers, managers, employees, or executives, your confidence and credibility comes through as you speak.  This split topic session will help you communicate and speak more effectively so you can truly “Own The Room’ every time!




Unlearn Fear + Hate

Speakers: Kurt and Kremena

Introduction to session: Donald Mason  

For those business and community leaders who are ready to reach beyond the traditional channels, stir something up and create plans of action to positively impact their business and the community. This panel will explore how two community advocates sparked new paths towards engaging and inspiring our community through actions, civic engagement, and non-traditional channels.


Injecting Hope: A Community Response to the Opioid Epidemic

Moderator: Alex Elswick

Panelists: Jerod Thomas, Dr. Fallin-Bennett, Van Ingram, Mike Barry 

Panel members bring to the forum expertise in medicine, policy, advocacy, language and messaging, treatment, and long term recovery. By sharing their experiences, panelists offer community-focused solutions to combat the opioid epidemic and to support individuals and families impacted by substance use disorders.


The Creatives

Speakers: Celeste Lewis (CreativeMornings and Director of the Downtown Arts Center), Lamar Wilson (LoveWill), and Christy Hiler (President, Cornett)

Lexington is enjoying an artistic renaissance, visible in our emerging creative class. In January, Lexington was designated as a CreativeMornings city, and sessions continue to sell out within minutes and Lexington has more arts and cultural facilities per capita than some of the largest cities in the country. This session will showcase creative thinkers, makers and doers and highlight how they are bringing global attention to our fine city and highlight local leaders who have engaged the entire community to promote the region as a creative hub.


Conference-Wide Sessions:


Jason Cummins –Interactive Networking Session



First Female Distiller Marianne Barns of Castle & Key Distillery interviewed by Rebecca Darwin, President & CEO of Garden & Gun

Moderator: Seth Thompson from The Bourbon Review



What will Lexington look like in 25 years?  

Panelists: David O’ Neil (PVA)Susan Speckert (Fayette Alliance), Andrea James (Co-Owner, S and A Strategies, LLC), Jim Duncan (Lexington Division of Planning), Todd Denham (Winchester/Clark County Industrial Authority)

Since establishing the country’s first urban growth boundary in 1958, Lexington has attempted a proactive approach in shaping the way the community has grown.  This panel discussion will focus on the mechanisms Lexington has employed to this direct growth and development, how those mechanisms have shaped the way Lexington looks now, will shape the way Lexington looks in the future, and how this process might impact your neighborhood.