Making the Case to Attend Emerge

Make the Case to Attend the EMERGE Conference

We know that you recognize the value of attending the EMERGE Conference, but many times in order to attend, you need to obtain approval from your supervisor for the time away from the office, as well as the registration fee from your organization.  To help you when you approach your manager or company CEO, we have created a handy template justification letter that you can copy/paste below, and customize to the format you need to make your case to attend EMERGE.


Sample ‘Make the Case to Attend’ Letter






Dear <supervisor’s name>,

I would like to attend Commerce Lexington Inc.’s annual EMERGE Conference on Tuesday, March 27th, at Lexington Center.

This full-day conference brings together the best and brightest emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in Central Kentucky.   A variety of breakout sessions will feature tracks in personal growth, professional growth, and community, as well as a panel discussion on key issues that will impact the future of Lexington.

For the modest cost of $135 per person to attend EMERGE 2018, I will be able to network with other up-and-coming leaders in our community, talk about our company (or organization) with other conference attendees, and learn about additional ways that we can be involved in efforts to improve and enhance Lexington.

With around 400 attendees, my presence at EMERGE 2018 will help our company develop connections with many who are making things happen in Lexington. Conference participants include professionals from a wide variety of fields, such as nonprofit, health care, high tech, finance, government, higher education, and others.

The collaboration and ideas generated at EMERGE 2018 will not only have a positive impact on our company, but will provide direction for future generations in our community.

Thank you for considering this request.  I’d be happy to discuss this professional development opportunity with you further at your convenience.



<Your name here>